Loan and Loan – Can We Borrow with Other Obligations?

The installment loan and the loan do not have to be out of the question, a lot depends on the loan company as well as our individual situation. BIK register. 

When we think about a financial liability, we usually have a choice between a loan and a loan. We also want to know if we have one commitment, we can apply for more. As it turns out, our history of paying off earlier obligations, bank scoring and creditworthiness is of key importance here.

Will the company sign a loan agreement with someone who has a loan?

Will the company sign a loan agreement with someone who has a loan?

It happens that when we sacrifice money received as part of the loan, eg for the purchase of a house or car, there are sudden expenses. We often think that we are in a dead end situation. Is this really the case? When we suddenly need cash, we can save ourselves from a non-bank loan . The number of overcrowded banking clients is shrinking because they give up loans for non-bank loans¹.

No wonder that we can observe growing interest in online loans . We often hear that it is worth taking an installment loan instead of a loan, because it will be easier and it will take less time due to limited formalities. The bank is reluctant to give funds to the person who has loans. In turn, the loan company can give the borrower money. It is possible to sign a loan agreement with the loan holder, but we have no guarantee that each non-bank institution will decide. It will depend on several factors, including risk.

Loan and credit – when they are excluded?

Loan and credit - when they are excluded?

Using both loans and credit is possible, but not in every case. Similarly to banks, loan companies assess our financial situation. Among our conditions for obtaining a loan installment , our presence in the debtors’ registers certainly plays a significant role. Loan companies have the right to check us for records in such databases as BIG, InfoMonitor, ERIF or KRD. They are less likely to verify our status in BIK.

What is it about? Financial institutions analyze a potential client in terms of the risk that would be associated with lending money to him. The basis for issuing the assessment is our current BIK status, taking into account its volatility. BIK scoring can be expressed in the form of asterisks or more precisely, that is in points. This will be a range of values ​​from 192 to 631 points. The average score of borrowers is 583, while for loan companies it is 423 points.

As you can see, the banking scale can work in our favor as well as against us. It all depends on how we regulate our commitments. While the banks are more skeptical, the requirements for the clients of loan companies are less stringent. Contrary to appearances, the status at BIK does not have to work against our disadvantage. The fact that we are included in this database does not exclude us from the group of borrowers. If, according to the BIK report, our situation is positive, nothing prevents the application from being submitted. Especially if we have a certificate of your income. Loan companies also allow other sources of livelihood than a contract of employment.

Do you want to take out a loan in installments with a loan? Take care of your creditworthiness

Do you want to take out a loan in installments with a loan? Take care of your creditworthiness

If we have already decided to take a non-bank loan despite the loan, we should wait a little while to complete the application. It’s best to check your creditworthiness before completing the application form. It is not complicated. We can use the creditworthiness calculator. This solution is available online. This parameter will be determined on the basis of our income, fixed expenses and what loan we are interested in. A list of our revenues and expenses from at least a few months will allow us to assess whether we can cope with the systematic repayment of installments.

We should remember that only a thorough assessment of our situation will allow us to determine if we can apply for an installment loan when we have a loan. By carefully analyzing our credit history, we will draw the appropriate conclusions and allow us to avoid over-indebtedness.

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