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The Podcast

The idea for Flagons and Dragons began one Saturday afternoon when were playing a game and drinking our homebrewed beer. Or was it when we were brewing our own beer and talking about games? Either way, for us, good games and good beer goes hand-in-hand.

First and foremost, this podcast is about tabletop gaming, and we all play a variety of RPG’s, boardgames, and miniature wargames. So even if you’re not a beer enthusiast, hopefully you can find some common ground and have a few laughs with us.

The podcast has shifted in focus over the years, from group discussion, to actual play, and now to Carl doing interviews. You can still find all of the original content on this site, and the episodes fall into 4 categories:

  1. Regular Episodes – A round-table discussion on a gaming topic that involves all the hosts.
  2. Interviews – Carl interviews somebody in the gaming industry.
  3. Actual Play – This is a recorded session of our Gamma World game. It’s quite funny!
  4. Nuts and Bolts – We sit down, unbox a new game, go over the rules, and learn how to play it.

If you like what you hear and want to help support our efforts, here are some things that we would greatly appreciate:

Send us feedback. We love getting listener email, and make every effort to reply personally to each and every message that we receive. Be specific so we can offer more of what you like in future episodes. You can email listener feedback to carl@flagonsanddragons.com

Leave a positive I-tunes review. This is a great way for podcasts to get noticed as the more positive reviews a show gets, the higher the I-tunes ranking we receive. Stop by iTunes today and leave a comment.

Tell your friends. Word of mouth will always be one of the most effective ways for us to gain new listeners. You can easily tell your friends about us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as send them to our website. We cover a wide variety of gaming topics… and beer!… so there’s probably something here for everybody.

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